Ana Julia Perrotti-Garcia. taught Audio description basis for post-graduation students in a Translators Specialization Course in Brazil (from 2010-2014); started giving online courses (here one can find the latest ones: ); after that she founded TRADUSOUND, a company that is specialized in Audio description ( with her business partner Rafael Nimoi, as well as a team of specialized writers, consultants and voice talents. Since 2014, she has been teaching Audio description training courses in University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. She also works in the audio description of live shows, such as Natal Luz (Christmas Lights) in Curitiba (Southern Brazil), in December 2018.
Believing in continuous education, Ana Julia keeps attending training sessions, workshops and courses, to be updated about the latest news in accessibility, audio description and related areas.
Member of APTRAD (Associação de Profissionais de Tradução e de Interpretação), ABRATES (Associação Brasileira de Tradutores e Intérpretes), IMIA (International Medical Interpreters Association) and GREAT (Grupo de Estudos em Adaptação e Tradução).


  • History and development of audio description
  • Rules and guidelines of audio description
  • Audio description script - writing and editing
  • Audio description consultant
  • Professional use of the voice (how to capture people's attention; principle of Demosthenes; the Golden Triangle of public speaking; pauses and inflections; narrative practices in audio description)
Course program: The training session starts with a quick theory basis, followed by hands-on exercises. After each exercise, students receive feedback and their final task is also analyzed by a consultant. Individual and group writing exercises help students improve their writing skills and develop their concentration, description and creation skills. In the narration session, students will learn how to use their voices to produce natural and empowered narrations.